g_label® is the first label worldwide to be printed using g_ink -recycled graphite- offering a different and sustainable product to the manufacturing sector. What better way to up-cycle wasted graphite powder from the tech industries than converting it into a new printing technique? g_label® is the perfect alternative to chemical pigments, and provides a new concept of circular supply chain. The foundation of our future economy based on the innovative and smart reuse of wasted materials without any additional costs.

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Panama Trimmings is constantly looking for new sustainable products and that’s why we started exploring options to convert waste into regenerated raw materials.
We fell so in love with Perpetua® the pencil that, together with Susanna Martucci, its founder and creator, we found a way to become part of this avant-gardist community.
Each time you buy an ‘endorsed by Perpetua’ product, you are investing in a symbiotic economy where values and know-how are shared in a fluid network.
You become part of a movement where sustainable innovation is proposed to the market in the most fascinating way, because that is what ‘endorsed by Perpetua’ stands for: a circular economy that is inclusive, collaborative and liberating.

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It all begins with the graphite waste derived from the manufacturing of graphite electrodes. Up-cycling this wasted material makes it available for re-use in the manufacturing of our printing inks and this allows us to obtain more than.. well, fifty shades of grey.
The best result is achieved by combining natural materials -jacron, bamboo, hemp, cotton- with this printing method, leading to the ultimate eco-friendly creation.
The essential idea is to collect something that would otherwise be dismissed in landfills and convert it into another useful product.


graphite powder from the cutting process of the blocks


Graphite is the stable allotropic form of carbon, which means that, under standards temperature and pressure conditions, carbon tends to crystallize as graphite. It also means that graphite could practically last forever.
Besides it being odourless and tasteless, its non-toxicity makes it an even more interesting solution for the development of a product that respects all environmental regulations.


g_label® is solvent free
g_label® put the foundation for a future circular economy
g_label® can be printed with any shade of grey
g_ink is the perfect substitute of the chemical pigments, functional and versatile


This product does not contain any contraindication


g_ink can print in any shade of grey. We have been searching for a long time and we finally found it: one product with endless possibilities. We are now ready to share it, the real question is, are you ready to join us?

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We have developed a small g_label® hangtag to explain to the consumer what the labels are made of in a more iconic and easy way. Hangtags represent a fast and unusual way to communicate benefits of g_label® to customers and to educate them towards a more informed choice.



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